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    The bard appears from the shadows.

    Jinn Garay
    Jinn Garay

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    The bard appears from the shadows. Empty The bard appears from the shadows.

    Post by Jinn Garay on Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:56 pm

    Magnolia City; one of the major cities in Earthland and one of the most inhabited places on the planet. This bustling city is filled with anything a typical traveler could ask for ranging from food and lodgings to shady back alley bars where people can learn anything they need to.  

    As the camera zooms closer into the  Alley ways a five foot ten inches tall hooded figure appears from out of the shadows created by the Sun bearing down from the western sky; As the figure looked around his wine red eyes became glued onto the door of a bar with a sign above it showing that the bar's name was the "Fire Dragon's Den" With a slight smirk the figure walked towards the door. This sounds like a fun place to start my search."

    The hooded figure in a slightly deep male voice said while opening the door just in time to help a drunken fool get thrown out onto the street next to him as the bar's owner shouted for said fool to not come back without money to cover their tab. The owner huffed and completely ignored the hooded male who slipped silently into the bar after the owner returned to behind the counter. As the hooded male scaned the room he took note that most of the bar's patrons were rather hammered meaning that making anyone here angry little pawns in the palm of his hand a mere deceitful comment away.

    As hooded figure closed the door and took a few steps into the bar he removed his hood to revel a pale skinned male with light blue hair and blood red eyes. To settle in with style the young male stopped the bar's waitress who was holding a drink on her tray and promptly swiped it with a charming comment to her. The drink in the male's hand was a simple bourbon of which he took a small sip to enjoy the taste.

    When the waitress reached the table and went to give the customer their drink the now very intoxicated individual who looked light a small giant due to his massive frame  grew very hostile and demanded a refund Before noticing the young male possessing his drink and promptly walked over to him with the intent of ripping him in half.

    The young male who at this time had made his way over to the Bar's bulletin board for bounties along with a small subsection for the Bar's main customers and noticed that one of the bounties being at a low end rate of roughly two thousand Jewels and the a person that appear in a multitude of the picture containing the main customers were the same person; that person being the exact same one who was storming over to him with a small axe in his hand.

    The young male simply took another sip of his drink before placing it on the oak counter and turning to face the giant with a look of total impassiveness. "Is there something I can do for you sir?"

    The bard appears from the shadows. Alvaro11

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    The bard appears from the shadows. Empty Re: The bard appears from the shadows.

    Post by Knux on Sat Sep 16, 2017 5:02 am

    Sitting at the bar as the man got thrown out, Knuckles only shrugged. He wasn't a law keeper, in fact he was a wanted man as well. Without those with bounties on their heads he'd be broke and unable to do this vary thing, sit at a bar and enjoy an nice delicious drink.  Grabbing the cup with his right hand he slowly brought it up to his lips, allowing the  toxic water fill his mouth and past into his body. Turning his bench seat around he locked it in place holding it still with his feet, his emerald green hues danced over the bar looking for a heart to capture. After all catching bounties all day wasn't all he wanted to do.  When you were this beautiful a s a male it was a shame not to use it as a weapon and of course a weapon of love.  

    It seemed like perhaps there was not really much to pick from here, Perhaps he chose a bad bar, after all there were already a few wanted men knuckles knew of in here. That was a great thing about being a bounty hunter with a bounty they never saw it coming, thinking he was often one of them. Which he was, but only for denouncing himself  from either of the two main countries around here.  What crime was it truly to not want to be affiliated with each side?   As Knuckles scanned the room he fixed on something, a man with an axe heading for another, they were by the bounty board. Were either of them A bounty hunter? Knuckles hoped not, he still wanted to go have some moonlight fun with a hottie.

    Sighing he finished his drink and kept an eye on the two, mostly on the male with an axe. "Just who the hell brings an AXE into a bar?" he thought.  Still  Knuckles hoped he didn't have to do anything and things wouldn't be as they seemed.  Tapping his hand on the bar he held up his index finger signaling he wanted  another. "Make it a bottle won't cha?" Upon getting his bottle beer Knuckles used his skills to move into the crowd and blend in, being apart of the backdrop of social and dancing people amongst the middle of the bar. It was a good thing he wore darker colors, like his black T-shirt, and dark green bandannas on his head and around his neck. His long crimson red hair would likely be the only thing that would stick out in a crowd be sides his devilishly good looks of course. Though even with his odd colored hair, he wasn't too tall or short to be noticed by that either, he was of average build which was perfect. Blending in with any crowd would be simply enough.

    The crimson haired male was now an easy dash away from the two at the board, he had gotten there just in time to read the lips of the hooded male, after all from this angle and the lighting this was about all he could see on the person. Chugging his bottle so it was empty, he was ready to strike down either of the two men if need be all while looking like he was waiting in the line for the pisser.

    "Come now boys, don't cha just wanna go have a drink and go on and fuck off." It was doubtful they could hear his words, though even if they didn't unlikely they knew it was about them. It was a crowded bar.
    Jinn Garay
    Jinn Garay

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    The bard appears from the shadows. Empty Re: The bard appears from the shadows.

    Post by Jinn Garay on Sun Sep 17, 2017 12:37 am

    The young male turned his head to the left facing the red haired male after hearing his offer for a drink completely ignoring the drunked dimwit who rambled about his drink and something about the males mother he wasn't really paying attention due to the sheer amount of booze the man had previously consumed made his every word hit the male like a fermented barrel of bad wine. I'll be more then happy to take you up on the offer good sir; but first sadly I believe this giant barrel of pig swell.  intends to personally introduce me to the gods." The male says with a completely gleeful smile as the entire bar begins to laugh in their drunken stupors at the giant of a man's noticeable horrid breath.

    The man having been thoroughly embarrassed in his own establishment howled in a fit of rage  and sloppily brought his axe which in this light to the male looked rather basic in design up over his head in an attempt to cleave the poor male's head in to only to miss due to the amount of alcohol swimming through his veins making him see a brief after image roughly two feet to the left of  the male causing the axe to land itself into the counter splitting the wood below it into nothing but splinters.

    The young male blinked slightly looking over at the now destroyed counter which held up his drink  to see the fat wine sow ( I'm going to refer to the giant as a wine sow now XD) hunched over the still standing pieces in a rather piss poor attempt to regain his composure. You know he really should be more careful with that he could really hurt someone. The Young male said as the wine sow stood up and swung the axe in a backwards arc unleashing a savage battle cry loud enough for the entire bar to stop and watch the scene.

    SNAP! The resounding sound of a pair of fingers snapping was the only sound that echoed through the bar was the young male  snapping his fingers causing his magical powers to activate  his most basic spell. ( Shadow bind: Jinn takes control of a shadow roughly five feet around his body and binds a part of his target's body)

    With a smirk the young male bound the wine sow's left arm with his own shadow causing the axe to stop just before reaching a few inches from his head causing the air the axe was pushing towards him to cause his hair to flutter slightly in the low breeze.

    The young male turned his head to the right to the wine sow and glared at him with his right eye. His eye unlike the majority of the bar's occupants were sharp and focused with a clear intent in them stating that if the pathetic boar tried anything he would have been savagely beaten.

    The wine sow stared at the males eye and growled violently before putting away his axe and attempted to shuffle back to his table all the while the male's eyes remained firmly locked the fat boar. The young male having kept his eyes on the wine sow until her made it back to his table turned to the red haired male at the counter and smirked knowing that the wine sow was too far away to hear him properly.

    I'm sorry about that seems some people are a tad touchy around here. Now I believe you said something about a drink didn't you? " The young male's attitude taking a complete shift from a battle hardened solder to a cheerful fool in a matter of seconds.

    The bard appears from the shadows. Alvaro11

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    The bard appears from the shadows. Empty Re: The bard appears from the shadows.

    Post by Knux on Tue Sep 19, 2017 4:25 am

    Clapped with a quick beat, as he started to clap the show seemed to die down and the bar went back to doing what they did best, play music ,drink, and dance of course. Knuckles was mostly interested in those who took to the bounty board quickly, especially since most the men in here were on that, of course Knuckles was before he had removed it upon arrival.   Nodding his head he smiled at the lad."Yea, what do you fancy?" KNuckles walked up to the young male placing his opened right palm onto his mid back and led the way, guiding him as they walked. "so,
    you're one of them bounty hunters yee be hearing about then eh? The way you took apart that Giant you got to be."
    Knuckles had casted his first line into the pound so to speak trying to catch any bit of information he could on the man.  He had to be careful, this man posed the power of Magic, not really common amongst most, not entirely rare Either.

    Whatever he was one thing was for certain, if he knew the people that hung in this bar the night was far from over.  Sure for now things had taken a turn for the better and things had kinda calmed, but the drunker people got the worst things would get.  It was only a matter of time, and so he was going to enjoy it.  Knuckles made it to the bar and tossed some Jewel on the counter. "Let me get a few over here mate." Seeing the money up front the barkeep nodded his head popped the top on two long necks and slide em on down to the Crimson haired male and the hooded man.  Who was still getting lots of look. "I'll tell ya, you sure know how to make such a large appearance for a man hiding himself within a hood. Perhaps you were checking to see if your name was up there as well, maybe you too have some Jewel on that unknow face of yours." What ever his answers were Knuckles would listen and try to dig into deeper, find out as much as  possible and see if this guy was going to be a  issue for him. Being A bounty hunter himself he knew the game and how to play it be he also was a wanted man so both parts were his life. It sort of gave him an edge though as he Knew where to look, or how Bounty hunter would come looking. How both process worked.  There was a lot that went into the life style to a man on the run and the man running him down, he did both.  If anything it made him a better fighter and hunter for sure.
    Jinn Garay
    Jinn Garay

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    The bard appears from the shadows. Empty Re: The bard appears from the shadows.

    Post by Jinn Garay on Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:42 am

    The young male smiled a bit under his hood and asked the bartender for an old fashioned and to put in a small cherry to let it soak. It could be possible that I might have a bounty on my head sadly I don't really have a clue.

    With a slight smirk the hooded male slowly pulled down the hood off his head to revel his face. His hair was a complete contrast to his red haired counterpart with red eyes and a rather pale complexation. "I'm not actually a bounty hunter I'm simply looking for information about myself. By the way I don't think we had a chance to get each others names yet; My name is Jinn, Jinn Garay."

    The young male now known as Jinn said with a playful smirk as his drink arrived in front of him which consisted of bourbon, bitters, a little bit of orange juice, and a sprinkle of sugar. Jinn took the skewered on a toothpick cherry that was soaking in the cocktail out and ate it with a soft smile Completely ignoring the look the bartender had shot him before he turned to the giant of a man Jinn faced a few seconds later.

    "Since you know my name red care to return the favor and give me yours?"
    Jinn asked while holding his glass with a cheerful grin as the smooth taste of the alcohol washed over his tongue.
    The Bartender quickly moved away from the two and scribbled a note down for the waitress to hand to the giant. ( Can't really think of a good name if you got one we'll use it) The waitress took said note and handed it to the drunk, The note simply read Jinn's full name causing the fat drunk to slam his fist to the table in a rage at the memory of another man with the last name Garay always causing trouble for him.

    The bard appears from the shadows. Alvaro11

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    The bard appears from the shadows. Empty Re: The bard appears from the shadows.

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